Posted by: robin100 | March 10, 2016

Goldcrest @ Builth

(via Susie Stockton-Link) A female goldcrest very active in several conifers in / overhanging my garden this weekend and seen this \Monday morning, 7th.



  1. There`s been one hopping around our witch hazel pecking off insects for a few weeks now; this morning it came within 2 feet of me as it hopped around a climbing rose, lovely beady eye and pin sharp beak beautiful little bird quite at home in the garden it seems

  2. James, you’re slipping-why no pics?We also have one after all these years and he’s (she?) coming daily to scoff the peanut droppings after everyone else has dined on the larger bits.So much for the “insectivorous “stuff! Same applies to our Treecreeper, except he swallows whole sunflower hearts!

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