Posted by: Tony Ware | March 3, 2016


Elan: Claerwen Valley. The first record this year of a Redwing. A single bird was noted early this morning with 50+ Fieldfare. On D y n reservoir 6 Goldeneye included a male bird, a pair of displaying Great Crested Grebe, single Little Grebe and a Heron. Looks like the turn raft, could possibly be sinking. Other birds: Pairs of Stonechat and Mistle Thrush at Ciloerwynt farm, and a pair of Reed Bunting below the dam.

Red Kite: Yesterday a male bird flew into the telephone line at Claerwen farm by the bridge. We caught the bird and took it to the vet at Crossgates, who put the bird to sleep, due to internal bleeding.



  1. How sad-you seem to be attracting bad Kite karma!

  2. I know Kev, your not the first to say that.

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