Posted by: kevjoynes | February 29, 2016


Anyone would think I’m never in Radnor! But some of you may recall Eddie, who became quite a celebrity 4 years back-even appeared on TV with Iolo -no-one knows where he came from , but he is still doing well (touch wood)and is now six .Sadly there is no female available in Mid Wales._DSC0495_filtered copy

_DSC0574_filtered copy

_DSC0643_filtered copy




  1. Amazing – is this a wild bird or an escapee?

  2. Well done Kev….. Your perseverance has paid off……wouldn’t it be wonderful if he could find himself a mate.

  3. Cheers Martin-indeed it would.

  4. Hi PJ-as I said above , no-one quite knows: he just turned up 6 years ago as a yearling we think and supports rings on each leg of unknown provenance. No-one ever claimed him , which would be an unusual & expensive mistake!!! He behaves like a wilding and I once thought he may have come from the Irish release prog.Despite GEs not usually known for wandering, you can guarantee if you try to be dogmatic, nature will prove you wrong! Whatever , he’s wild now1

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