Sparrow Hawk.

IMG_0200Via Pete Brown……Superb water-colour of a sparrow hawk…( look familiar Kev!!!) Nice one Pete, you must be very pleased with that one.

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6 Responses to Sparrow Hawk.

  1. llandodpete says:

    Hi Bazz, yes I was pleased it turned out nice, thank you Pete

  2. martinallandod says:

    Beautiful, wish I could paint like that.

  3. llandodpete says:

    Thanks Martina, I only started painting birds last December so I’m pleased with the results. Peter

  4. Heather Speake says:

    Another exceptional painting – beautiful, well done !

  5. Dai Edwards says:

    Nice one Pete you must be a natural .thanks dai.

  6. llandodpete says:

    Thank you all for all your kind comments. Peter

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