Posted by: kevjoynes | February 12, 2016


Hopefully , I am about to post something via “apple”-let’s see! Today produced nowt new @ lake, tho’ as everywhere Thrushes, Chaffies, Wrens , H Sparrows and Robins are singing! Brave souls!  Not to mention Fred , who burst into song as soon as  he spotted his brother ! :-),Up Cefnllys, Sue spotted a BRAMBLING-sadly , it did not come within pic range. 1 Treecreeper , 5+ Goldfinches,Bullfinch (fem), 6 Greenfinches , 8 Siskins,1 GS Woody,1 LT Tit ( most unusual to see a single)and of course the Sprawk: he missed!DSC_2973_filtered



  1. Fabulous image Kev. I am getting 2male and 1 female Brambling but like you finding they are just not getting within a reasonable distance. You must be very pleased with the Sparrow Hawk pic though.

  2. Cheers Brian.

  3. What a brilliant image – I’d never have thought they were that colourful !

  4. Great pic. Kev at the moment I have one on the hunt most days in the garden and it’s keeping the other birds off the feeders. Bit of a beggar really! Like to have a go painting him one day with your permission?

  5. Of course-no prob.Yes, it does make them jittery-in the old days , they sat around for ages , now , it’s in , grab , go!

  6. Thanks Heather.

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