Posted by: bazzpugh | February 10, 2016

Chaffinch Lake.

IMG_0182Via Pete Brown:-  Another cracking watercolour  painting from Pete….Chaffinch with a backdrop of the lake ….I believe looking at the painting it has the reed bed near the lakeside ave Junction.



  1. Beautiful Pete-love it.

  2. Thanks Kev

  3. At 1st glance thought it was a photo ! Magnificent painting – you must be a genius !

  4. Is there no end to your talents Pete great pic.

  5. Thank you all for your very kind comments, l love watching the birds and painting them more so. Peter

  6. Biased I may be, but this painting is stunning! Well done Dad, really looking forward to the next masterpiece!
    Steve (New Zealand)

  7. Well done Pete, your going global…..

  8. Yes! Bazz, Radnorbirdblog now viewed in New Zealand, must be good!

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