Mr Elusive and others.

019A very quick look and gone during my Reed Bunting sortie…first pic( not the best) for a while….a few more from around the lake Mid day….The new arrivals Apricot Call ducks ( Fred the fisherman found the I.D. on google) are getting friendlier by the day coming out on to the bank near the platform for food….but they are not tolerated by the first arrivals the three Khakis who will now take grain out of ones hand.029Female Reed Bunting.030Male Reed Bunting.053Male Goosander.037You wouldn’t want a peck on the nose from that set of gnashers!!!!

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2 Responses to Mr Elusive and others.

  1. Heather Speake says:

    Excellent quality of photography…. and very interesting, every detail so distinct.

  2. bazzpugh says:

    Thank you Heather

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