Posted by: bazzpugh | February 1, 2016


038They will eat you out of house and home but you’ve got to love em.  Drab brown job….. No way.



  1. Very smart.

  2. So nice to see a decent image of a Starling, very rare in our garden

  3. Cheers both, Brian you are welcome to some of our garden “FLOCK”!!!!.

  4. For Clive and Karen cage brook lane llanyre…..the co ords for the Llandegley starling Roost. : – SO 1400 6009. Give me a bell if you get stuck or lost good luck …Barry .

  5. This certainly shows what a handsome bird the starling is with all those colours and speckles….

  6. Cheers Heather, they are very much underrated.

  7. Top picture Barry, especially against that luminous green background.

  8. Cheers Martina

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