Posted by: kevjoynes | January 29, 2016


Another shot of the Elan Barnie along with a wing and a prayer! This is the worst possible weather for them, as their feathers are not waterproof and hunting in the rain is a nightmare , never mind the wind , which makes hearing so difficult! Let’s keep our fingers Xed!_DSC7062_filtered



  1. Nice one Kev….Is this a new sighting? or one from the original shoot?

  2. Very nice Kev. Love the soft tones.

  3. Well captured, Kev… poor Barnie does look forlorn like the rest of us in this miserable weather.

  4. Cheers Heather.

  5. From the original Bazz and thanks Brian.

  6. Lovely shot Kev. No sign yesterday as snow & hail rolled in about 16:15.

  7. Cheers Alun-guess it’s spending most of its time cowering away in a hole!! What weather???

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