And still with us.

024After the wind and rain I thought they may have deserted us,002 but they are still about the feeders…..16 siskins, 12 redpoll on the feeders and ground feeding from overspill and 12/14 goldfinch…..numerous starlings, two pair of blackbird chasing each other all over the patch..a single thrush could be the mate of the one singing across the railway line.. loads of blues and great tit a couple of coal tit.. 6 collard dove three wood-pigeon, a pair of chaffinch( where have they all gone to) a pair of wren,and of course house sparrows….Its about time we had a visit from a black cap here’s hoping!!!020

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3 Responses to And still with us.

  1. llandodpete says:

    Great shots Bazz, just what I’m looking for a painting I have in mind.
    Had a lovely Jay in the garden today, spent quite some time in the branches before turning the leaves over looking for worms. Lots of long tails, siskins and most of the tits along with the robins, blackbirds collard doves, all in all a good day.

  2. Heather Speake says:

    Beautiful shots, beautiful colours, well done, Bazz…..

  3. bazzpugh says:

    Cheers both appreciated.

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