Posted by: kevjoynes | January 20, 2016

L’dod Lake & Cefnllys

The lake was frozen over , so no Goosanders, but a hilarious sight-no camera of course- as the Water Rail decided to walk from the lagoon reeds across to the island! Slippin’ and slidin’ all over the place!  Too much energy to fly I guess. Wot fun! Back up Cefnllys and oddly Brenda’s pool not frozen (stream runs through). Yesterday , the scene of a fem. Kingfisher nailing  dragonfly nymphs , which I was lucky to catch._DSC7878_filtered



  1. Very interesting shot Kev, never seen a photo showing that before. Great stuff!

  2. Cracker Kev

  3. Cheers Bri.

  4. Ta Bazz.

  5. Love that one Kev, had one in the garden couple of years ago but not seen one since that not even around the lake. Great photo. Peter

  6. Many thanks Pete-they do pop up round the lake , but completely at random! Just a few glimpses this year so far.

  7. What a shot, what brilliant colours, what a photographer !

  8. Very kind as usual! Must admit , Kingfishers are a bit special.

  9. Only just seen the kingfisher Kev…….what a shot!

  10. Thank you Martin

  11. Beautiful Kev, makes it look as if summer too 🙂

  12. Thank you James-well , it was…for a day!

  13. Nice one. So close …

  14. Many thanks Tim.You should see my camo!!!

  15. Kev, you’re a star. Hope all that fame doesn’t go to your head 🙂

  16. Just got back from the far North…again many thanks Martina: I know you’ll keep me in check! 🙂

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