This A.M Llandod

A cacophony of cheeping and tweeting awoke me from my slumbers early this morn..looked out the window and greeted with a party of at least 20 long tail tits surrounded the pea nut and fat ball feeders…shot down stairs in my jim jams grabbed the camera cautiously opened the window. You guessed it hence lack of pix , ” but what a grand awakening  grommit “first lot for many a month hope they come back soon!!!!! On my bike on the Thompson way in field RHS before Llanyre turn , about 100 field fare with a few redwing ground feeding with a fair sized flock of starlings. High viz jacket just ain’t the garb for birding … nearly sucked in by the vacuum as they took off in mass.


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One Response to This A.M Llandod

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Nice one-dunno where all the Redwings have gone this year! Trying to imagine you in your pyjamas , but I gave up!!!

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