Lakeside garden report, Llandrindod

(via Llandodpete)  Hi all, my first time on the blog, I was introduced to it by Barry, thank you Barry! 

Bullfinch, Siskin, Marsh tits, coal tits, blue tits, great tits, nuthatch, chaffinch, robin, redpolls, blackbirds, magpies, collared doves, pheasant, starlings. All seen in about twenty mins. Very busy at the feeders. No long tails. Looking forward to drier weather! Peter

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7 Responses to Lakeside garden report, Llandrindod

  1. bazzpugh says:

    Well done Peter keep em coming…..and keep an eye out for those otters crossing your lawn.

  2. kevjoynes says:

    Welcome Pete-why don’t you get in touch with Robin so that you can post directly. sounds as if you have a great station with all that lot! Pheasants apart!!!

  3. sounds good, I was down at the lake today.. Where are the feeders?

  4. llandodpete says:

    Hi Barry, thank you, haven’t seen the otter for a few days, don’t think he liked the electric fence!

  5. llandodpete says:

    Hi Kev, yes we get lots of birds in the garden living next to the marsh, had lots of long tail tits in today. Re the pheasant, he comes in most mornings for a handful of seed becoming a member of the family ! You must put me right re Robin.

  6. llandodpete says:

    Hi Alex, the feeders are in my garden, next to the marsh. Peter

  7. Peter,
    oh ok! nice place to have feeder, and a garden 🙂

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