Posted by: kevjoynes | January 15, 2016

Elan revisited!

We couldn’t get up the valley for one reason or another , but today’s sunshine changed all priorities! Thank goodness! We did see and get pics of various stuff , but all must take second place to this guy!!! After 40+ years of Elaning , we have never seen a Barn Owl up there- could not believe our eyes @ Craig Goch! Sue shouted “STOP”! I duly obliged and there in front of us was a magnificent Barn Owl, totally unconcerned by our presence. Wow! Re 16:00._DSC7014_filtered




  1. Lovely Kev, Sue did well. We’re the photos taken from the car?

  2. Excellent find and shot….well done Kev.

  3. Fantastic day, you just had to get out there. What a bonus.

  4. Cheers Sue.

  5. yes Bri-indeed they were-with a queue building behind me. Was I worried? Not!

  6. Cheers Bazz..

  7. Absolutely wonderful – what pictures! Well done, Kev…. and more importantly, well done, Sue !

  8. Many thanks Heather-we are still trying to come to terms with that encounter!

  9. Hells bells what a catch! You lucky person.

  10. Beautiful and amazing! Janice.

  11. Many thanks Jan.

  12. Ta Martina-it’s not the lottery , but great stuff!

  13. Fabulous bird, fabulous pics. Great Stuff. Well spotted Sue!

  14. Ta Colin.

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