Elan revisited!

We couldn’t get up the valley for one reason or another , but today’s sunshine changed all priorities! Thank goodness! We did see and get pics of various stuff , but all must take second place to this guy!!! After 40+ years of Elaning , we have never seen a Barn Owl up there- could not believe our eyes @ Craig Goch! Sue shouted “STOP”! I duly obliged and there in front of us was a magnificent Barn Owl, totally unconcerned by our presence. Wow! Re 16:00._DSC7014_filtered



About kevjoynes

Retired teacher from L'dod High-when it was a top school! Originally West Mids, but been in Wales since 1973.Started birding at age 7-hiatus 'til 2000 when retirement gave time for photography.
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14 Responses to Elan revisited!

  1. Brian pollard says:

    Lovely Kev, Sue did well. We’re the photos taken from the car?

  2. bazzpugh says:

    Excellent find and shot….well done Kev.

  3. Sue Lewis says:

    Fantastic day, you just had to get out there. What a bonus.

  4. kevjoynes says:

    Cheers Sue.

  5. kevjoynes says:

    yes Bri-indeed they were-with a queue building behind me. Was I worried? Not!

  6. kevjoynes says:

    Cheers Bazz..

  7. Heather Speake says:

    Absolutely wonderful – what pictures! Well done, Kev…. and more importantly, well done, Sue !

  8. kevjoynes says:

    Many thanks Heather-we are still trying to come to terms with that encounter!

  9. martinallandod says:

    Hells bells what a catch! You lucky person.

  10. javrich says:

    Beautiful and amazing! Janice.

  11. kevjoynes says:

    Many thanks Jan.

  12. kevjoynes says:

    Ta Martina-it’s not the lottery , but great stuff!

  13. neomatrix2 says:

    Fabulous bird, fabulous pics. Great Stuff. Well spotted Sue!

  14. kevjoynes says:

    Ta Colin.

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