Posted by: kevjoynes | December 30, 2015

Twilight for 2015

Almost there-incidentally , why did I say t’other day that it hadn’t rained? I’d barely finished typing and down it came-at least it was MOSTLY dry! But here we are again. Lake still hosting a whopping flock of Goosanders and our garden is full of wet Tits ( so to speak). Here is Mr Sprawk , waving goodbye to the old year and one of our Nuthatches. Odd to add that whenever we put crusts and such out on the bird table , Rooks Crows and Jackdaws wipe it clean in MINUTES! They haven’t touched owt for 2 days??? Where are they?DSC_2803_filtered.jpg




  1. Two brilliant images to end 2015 with…. Happy 2016 to you both.

  2. Cheers Heather and the same to you.

  3. Great pics Kev.yet again. Always keeping up the best standard. happy new year to you both. Colin

  4. You are very kind-and have a great New year all of you-hope you had a lovely Chrissie too!

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