Posted by: kevjoynes | December 20, 2015

Nothing new!

Bazz spotted the Kingfisher today @ the lake plus the Cormorants …AGAIN! He also counted re 30 Goosanders!

We hosted the usual tits and finches , plus the Treecreeper.




  1. Very nice capture Kev. May I take this opportunity in wishing you and Sue a lovely Christmas

  2. Nice Treecreeper Kev.

  3. Cheers Bazz & Bri.

  4. Lovely shot, nice to see and thanks all your other great pics this year 🙂

  5. And a great big “thanks ” to you James.

  6. We had a chiff chaff in our garden at Penybont today, is that unusual for this time of year

  7. Hi Tony: it’s getting more and more common down South and creeping up here, particularly with this weird weather-they seem to hang around sewage works etc. where the temp. is just enough to keep the invertebrates going. Brecon usually holds on to one or two, but this year , it’s ridiculous.We saw our last one a few weeks back , but we are 800 feet up. Guessing you are in milder climes.

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