Green Sands @ Pwllpatti

(via Don Slimming)
Green Sandpiper 3 on pool 400m Boughrood side of hide. Also 16 Herons here. From hide 41 Teal, 14 Mallard, 21 Stock Dove and 1 Common Buzzard. 1
I also saw at fairly close quarters a Buzzard standing at the waters edge. I am almost certain it was a Rough Legged as it was very pale and streaked on it’s head and chest and had very ‘rough’ leggings. I only caught a glimpse when it flew off but it had white on its tail and gave a very pale impression before it disappeared behind the trees. I am aware that Common Buzzard (particularly juveniles) can be very pale, but I have never seen one quite like this. One has been seen in LLanelli this year, so although it is further west than most sightings,it is a possibility. If anyone is in the area, please keep a look out!

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One Response to Green Sands @ Pwllpatti

  1. Tony Ware says:

    Good records, well done. The Rough-legged Buzzard Llanelli bird, was early in the year.
    Usually a scarce winter visitor from Scandinavia, Oct – Apr (Sep – May)

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