Posted by: kevjoynes | December 13, 2015

Drip, Drip!

DSC_2449_filteredOh dear! All I ever seem to do , is complain re the weather : I wonder why? Well , I spent a.m. replacing my 8 foot poles on the feeder station , as the base must have rotted over the years and the whole damn lot collapsed! That was fun in the mizzly drizzle ! Yup! , it could be worse-we might live in the Lake district. Back to birds…we have a wet and disgruntled Sprawk and TWO Redpolls! A pair of Siskins paid a visit and 7 Goldfinches. The Treecreeper is scoffing peanuts-did you read that they are insectivores??? Like the Goosanders on the lake, who forsake fish for bread! It is interesting to read the research about bread being a useless food and yet these Goosanders etc. come back year after year and gobble more!




  1. Worth the hassle for shots like these Kev

  2. Cheers Brian.

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