Posted by: bazzpugh | November 26, 2015

Wren and Ratty.

On a quest for the water rail near the lagoon area, this little chap was going bananas, alarm calling swooping down to the deck..012018004 couldn’t fathom out what his problem was until I heard a rustle and a slight movement in the reeds, and there was one of our lakeside vermin eating the grain I put down… they don’t miss a trick!!! I blanked on the water rail front but on the plus side had a visit from the Kingfisher… landed and perched not 4 metres away in one of the fringe alders…swung the camera around slowly and carefully but he was away leaving me with nowt but a high-pitched screech…you cant win em all!!! 



  1. Nice set, assume the Bittern has disappeared!

  2. Cheers Brian, yes it certainly looks like ….not a sign unfortunatley.

  3. Oh dear!Shame the Bittern wasn’t about!

  4. Cheers Kev, yes he would have reduced ratus ratus population down a peg or two.

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