Posted by: kevjoynes | November 24, 2015

Brilliant Bazz beholds Bittern!

Thought it worthy of a newspaper headline! What a find! A thousand thanks to Bazz  for the call, which considerably livened up this miz day! We always joked about this ever since we got a few reeds , but I never thought I’d live to see such. I _DSC3852_filteredstayed an hour fruitlessly searching after t’others went ,but right in the midst of a downpour , I spotted it halfway up the reeds and very well hidden.  Pic at 100 yards so not good ; I also  include a full frame pic so that you can appreciate the fun we had trying to locate it-it’s right in the centre!!!




  1. Nice one Kev, glad you managed one. Let’s hope the creature hangs about and steps out into the open, so we can fill our boots.

  2. Love the alliteration.

  3. Are you still thawing !

  4. Worth the effort Kev, hope you all get some decent photos.

  5. Cheers Brian-wonder if we pinched yours from last year!

  6. Well done, Kev, yes definitely worthy of headlines – shall I send it on to the local papers? Any details of the Bittern to include ? I’ll search the internet…

  7. HiHeather-Shouldn’t think they would want such low quality pics to be honest-tho we were so pleased just to get something.They tend to start arriving now from the continent as winters there are too cold and they can’t fish; hence they suddenly appear all over and we got lucky. No sign today sadly…

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