Golden Plovers Bwlch Y Sarnau

On the way back from Llani this afternoon, decided to take a detour to look for Golden Plovers and perhaps a Great Grey Shrike now that winter has arrived. With young Arthur in the passenger seat I said ‘look out for some birds, if you see any let me know’ to which he replied ‘there’s some! -pointing at a flock in two broad ‘V’s high up in the distance. I pulled over and soon found 80 Golden Plover wheeling about the hill to the North East of Pant y Dwr. Looking at the map they were in SO0076 just north of the farm at Bryn Llysiau. Lots of Starling about and at a very smelly Bryn Posteg tip (In Montgomeryshire just), 50 Herring Gull.

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One Response to Golden Plovers Bwlch Y Sarnau

  1. Tony Ware says:

    Well done Arthur šŸ™‚

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