Posted by: martinallandod | November 17, 2015

A little calamity

I noticed a few small feathers stuck to my front window this morning – and there was a poor little female bullfinch crouching stunned and motionless on the lawn below. I’ve seen all sorts of casualties like this: pigeons, blackbirds, thrushes, siskins, but never a bullfinch. After a while she began to perk up a little and move her head about, giving me nice close up views. When I looked 15 minutes later she’d flown off, hopefully none the worse.



  1. Qoops! Hopefully she should be o.k .Up here it’s usually the young ones having no experience, but we have had the lot , from Sparrows to Sparrowhawks! Pigeons leave the best imprints mind-quite artistic!

  2. If you are getting that many ‘window hits’ could I suggest you consider using the ‘clear’ plastic butterfly/leaf shaped window stickers available from most bird seed suppliers?
    They have reduced my hits by at least 90%!

  3. No I don’t get many hits fortunately, and yes I do have lots of stickers mainly on my conservatory windows, which were notorious. I will now put even more on though, including on that front window.

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