The first sign of cold weather and the Thrushes turn up. A mixed flock of 200+ Fieldfare and Redwing flew through a very wet and windy Claerwen this morning, also present 3 female and a male Goldeneye on D y n. Kite numbers starting to build up (A winter roost) ?.

Late afternoon a further 100+ Thrushes flew through Pont ar Elan, also 50+ starling.



About Tony Ware

Watching birds from an early age. Became a serious twitcher during the 80s clocking up 400 + species, which was a lot in them days. Later became a Wildlife Trust Warden and during the 90s The Warwickshire County Mammal Recorder for the Mammal Society and Warwickickshire Biological Record Centre, before moving to Mid-Wales. Today living and Birdwatching in the beautiful Elan Valley, Mid Wales, Recording-BTO survey work, Nest Record Scheme and WeBS.
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2 Responses to Elan.

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Well done.

  2. jbnr says:

    Yes I`ve noticed fairly large flocks of fieldfares now around the Almeley / Staunton orchards too as I`ve trundled along on my velocipede 🙂

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