ALDI Robin

Two Robins were chasing each other inside the ALDI store this week. One of them now has a territory in the shopping trolley park under the store’s canopy. When I park my bicycle there he comes up right close, hopping from trolley to trolley whilst singing his heart out. Very entertaining!

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5 Responses to ALDI Robin

  1. On Monday morning, 9th, there were THREE robins IN Aldi. They’ve apparently sussed out all the doors in the place and have decided that it’s warmer and easier to get a meal inside the store and the warehouse. They live there. I was talking to one of the assistants: Head Office doesn’t want them in there any more. Suggestions?

  2. kevjoynes says:

    I think this is great! Doesn’t want them ? Why not??

  3. martinallandod says:

    Leave them be, what’s the harm. Let’s have real Robins in the store for Christmas, instead of plastic ones 🙂

  4. I think it’s great, too. But Those In Power will be thinking “Sooner or later, one of them is going to poo on a customer/suit/apple [etc] and we’ll get sued”….
    I think REAL Christmas robins are a wonderful idea. We COULD suggest that they put a bird feeding station of their own outside the doors to entice the little characters out… And “adopt-a-robin” ! What think you?

  5. martinallandod says:


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