Lanbedr hill

On my way back from airfield in Rhosgoch ….. Took a shortcut over Lanbedr hill on the road between Painscastle and Cregrina and came across these beauties 80+Golden plovers (I think??) maybe someone can confirm !…….pics not very good, did not want to go to close and put them up….. But then a hill walker with a very lively dog did just that …hence the second pic…… What a lovely sound these birds make constantly calling to each other.image

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7 Responses to Lanbedr hill

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Quite right Martin and well done-hope the flight was ace too!

  2. bazzpugh says:

    Well done Martin indeed golden plovers….. I’ve been hunting them for many a day but no luck recently.

  3. skylarkmidd says:

    Thanks both….. I’m getting better with my ID … Did not fly in the end …. Too much fog in the valleys …… I like to know where I’m going to end up if the noise in the front suddenly stops!

  4. jbnr says:

    Lovely to see Golden Plovers 🙂 another good spot is on Hergest ridge just east of Monkey Puzzle trees, so in Hfd ! I love their thin piping sound, especially on a misty day it sounds very melancholic and beautiful

  5. skylarkmidd says:

    Thanks for the info jbnr…yes, they sound wonderful……I have to say that even though I only live in Newbridge on Wye I have never been to Hergest ridge …… Must make sure I visit in the near future.

  6. jbnr says:

    It was FABULOUS on Hergest today, walked out of fog into clear and warm blue skies, not a breath of wind and summer like, below the valleys in dense cold fog. You must visit it soon !!

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