Posted by: kevjoynes | November 1, 2015

Elan ( + Henry V).

As Tony says , “What a day“! Reminded me of a quote from Henry V when he says” and gentlemen abed shall think themselves accursed they were not here...”Well , it’s not Agincourt , but such colours : golden hues, flaming birches,copper oaks, burnished bracken, lime greens etc. all floating below a still blue sky. I include 2 pics of Dol y mynach in all its glory as it held FIVE Goldeneyes- 4 fems. adding to Tony’s list. Also a rare sight of Kinfisher darting into the roadside bank. Finally 2 Herons making their raucous row as they dropped in. Elsewhere from yesterday , a Dipper on the Elan and a dead fox just before the Claerwen dam.DSC_2068_filtered




  1. Very nice Kev, a cracking day and the pics depict.

  2. Beautiful colours Kev,

  3. Cheers Martin and I’m delighted you popped those goldies on!

  4. Glorious colours, outstanding pictures and v interesting narrative, well done, Kev.

  5. Lovely autumnal pictures; methinks trees are particularly lovely this year, maybe lack of wind and hard frost leaves are staying on longer.

    Poplars yesterday by riding school @ Pen Y Bont common were a stunning gold, set against deep blue sky (it was foggy in Radnor Valley all day ); no sign GGS though !

  6. Cheers James-yes, think you are right there-no rain wind or frost as such , so they have stayed put.Wonder if that GgS is still around?

  7. Lovely indeed, you should work for the Welsh Tourist Board, Kev!

  8. That’s kind…Ta!

  9. Thanks Bazz-for some reason your comments don’t come through to my emails anymore, so I miss them.

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