News from yesterday. A female Blackcap was along Riverside Walk. On the Wye 2 Goosanders and a Kingfisher. Corvids everywhere.


About Tony Ware

Watching birds from an early age. Became a serious twitcher during the 80s clocking up 400 + species, which was a lot in them days. Later became a Wildlife Trust Warden and during the 90s The Warwickshire County Mammal Recorder for the Mammal Society and Warwickickshire Biological Record Centre, before moving to Mid-Wales. Today living and Birdwatching in the beautiful Elan Valley, Mid Wales, Recording-BTO survey work, Nest Record Scheme and WeBS.
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3 Responses to Rhayader

  1. Brian pollard says:

    Birds with black plumage are a devil to photograph properly, you did well Tony

  2. kevjoynes says:

    Nice one Tony-guessing all ROs gone? Been up to eyeballs with grandchilder , so no escape!

  3. martinallandod says:

    I like it. Never realised their beaks were so big.

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