Posted by: kevjoynes | October 17, 2015

Brambling mk 2.Cefnllys

Well , yesterday the female and today a male turns up-lovely job! Bet he doesn’t stay either, especially as the male Sprawk  popped in to scare him! Down the lake and as well as John & Annette, a Kingfisher by the beach-BRILL. Not so brill , a large fem. rat witha youngster in tow! No! I’m not a fan!_DSC1565_filtered



  1. Lovely profile shot Kev, good and sharp too!

  2. Cheers Bri.

  3. Another brilliant clear shot of the Brambling – well done, Kev, what would we do without you on RBB !

  4. Very kind Heather , but I do wish we had a few more contributors , as Ceredigion does-pics not necessary! It’s just good to hear from elsewhere: there are parts of Radnor which could hold Ostriches , but we wouldn’t know!

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