Posted by: bazzpugh | July 15, 2014

Sprawk!!!! Keep him with you.


sprawkI had just finished reading Kevs blog coincidence or what this was taken at 8.00 P m …I think Mr J sent him down to maraude my birds…Looking through the kitchen window The Sprawk made a couple of passes at the bird table/ missed … then went and perched in hawthorn tree across the railway line…Luckily I did have the big lens handy and managed to bang a few shots off…before he  shot off across Powys car park down to the Rock Park area….Strange things do happen.. I hope in one way he might hang around …Then the other…we do get quite a few wood pigeons that should stave off  his appetite  for small song birds for a while!!!!



  1. Nice catch.

  2. What a beautiful picture !

  3. Fantastic shot of the Sprawk Bazz

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