RSPB Garden Bird Watch 2014

If anyone is interested, here’s our count from 1-2 pm this afternoon – 19 species seen in between sunshine and showers:

Coal tit 4, blue tit 3, marsh tit 1, robin 3, great tit 2, blackbird 2, starling 8, nuthatch 1, bullfinch 1, chaffinch 3, siskin 2, gs woodpecker 1, magpie 1, crow 3, goldfinch 1, jay 1, dunnock 1, woodpigeon 1, wren 1.

I’d love to see other results from this area!

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3 Responses to RSPB Garden Bird Watch 2014

  1. did mine on their counter… from memory, 8 blue tits [and there were over a dozen knocking about] 6 long tailed tits, 1 great tit, 1 coal tit, pairs of blackbirds, chaffinches, robins, jackdaws, carrion crows, a wren, 2 starlings 1 bullfinch, 1 song and 1 mistle thrush. THINK that’s it. Have big garden, playing field at back, Wye at front. Lots of habitats!

  2. oh! add 2 dunnocks and 4 house sparrows which kept beating each other up.

  3. martinallandod says:

    Thank you Susie and Alin, very interesting to see your counts. Anyone else out there?

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