Pied Fly Catcher and other.


A trip to happy valley proved fruitful  this A.M at least 5 males and 1 fem sighted checking out nesting sites…. Also the hare that assumed I hadn’t seen him but we know different….On our Sunday constitutional  sighted two pair of Redstart lake woods top end and 5 pairs of wheatear on the way up to the golf links  cairn… also wood warblers, willow warblers, blackcap,chiffies in abundance… heard my first Tree pipit in Cwmbrith woods.Pied RB

pied rb 2

Hare RB

6 thoughts on “Pied Fly Catcher and other.

  1. Thanks all for your comments muchappreciated…Hi John, sincerely hope you are on the mend.

  2. Great photos; you`ve got the gift of catching some species (hare, sedge warbler) in quite exceptional settings ! Sets them apart from so many other wildlife pictures 🙂

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