Pipits and Manadarins

In addition to the usual array of garden birds saw a small flock of meadow pipits on our track yesterday plus 3 pied wagtails – all arrived with the lambing season.  Definitely heard the curlews early morning yesterday and this morning, in addition to the usual pair of mallards on our pond was a pair of mandarins though they flew as soon as they saw me.

2 thoughts on “Pipits and Manadarins

  1. Good news about the curlews. I used to enjoy their their jubilant song on the moors in Lancashire every spring and really miss them here.

  2. They return each year to the fields about a quarter/half a mile above us but according to locals are much depleted in numbers than they used to be but they do make a ‘jubilant’ noise which is lovely to hear early morning. Last year they came to the field next to us so am hopeful of seeing them more closely this year.

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