Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to all! While consuming a particularly large Christmas dinner yesterday, plenty of birds continued to eat their’s on the feeders outside. Highlights included Goldfinch, Siskin and Redpoll all on the nyger feeder at the same time. Also 2 Marsh Tits and a Long tailed Tit visited as well as a the obligatory christmas robin! For the last few years we have always had a Long Tailed Tit visit on Christmas day so it was nice to continue that tradition as it is a very much a favourite bird of mine. As yet, no bramblings this week, have they moved on? Unfortunately the weather has been less than festive and as I type the latest present from the atlantic is lashing against the lounge window. Lets hope 2013 brings some slightly drier weather.

Thanks to everyone for all their fascinating contributions this year and in particular the many stunning pictures that appear here. Time and opportunity unfortunately reduces the amount of posts I can contribute personally; but rest assured I, like many others, check the blog regularly and it is an invaluable source of information. Best wishes for the year and I look forward to reading of and (hopefully seeing!) plenty more of the brilliant wildlife this county has to offer next year.

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas to all!

  1. kevjoynes says:

    Happy New Year to the three of you!

  2. bazzpugh says:

    Cheers Alan and family, have a good one.

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