Posted by: robin100 | December 21, 2014

Fieldfare @ Claerwen

Flock of around 100 seen on the approach road to the dam this morning.

Posted by: jbnr | December 21, 2014

Swans @ Clyro

At least 50 mute swans on field sjust west of Clyro–no binos to hand so not sure if any other spp also.

+ 1 barn owl between Penybont / Franksbridge Thurs late afternoon

Posted by: kevjoynes | December 18, 2014


Despite JB’s optimism , the gloom descended again. I was obliged to be in Hereford , where (sorry folks) the sun was lovely!!! However , a few pics to lighten the gloom, from this week @ Cefnllys._DSC5784_filtered_DSC3517_filtered_DSC5643_filtered_DSC4989_filtered

Posted by: jbnr | December 17, 2014

Robin (s)

With slighty less gloomy conditions have finally managed catch a few bird table pics.

Nice peaceful happy Robin flitting around trees waiting opportunity get a snack—then robin #2 appeared and squabble -squabble

Anyway here`s pic in apple tree


robin apple tree

Posted by: kevjoynes | December 16, 2014


Hedge Sparrow (really Accentor or Dunnock) and namesake House Sparrow frequenting the garden. Brief visits from Bullfinch and Redpoll. Kites and Buzz busy overhead. Lake has Mandarin & Goosanders , but Canadas all gone…for now! Jays popping in regularly.DSC_4709_filtered_DSC1121_filteredDSC_7916_filtered

Posted by: kevjoynes | December 15, 2014

Cefnllys-this one is for Martin Peers.

He was sometime bird recorder in Powys and now lives in Suffolk (where the sun comes out! ). Lake back to normal with Mandarin & 12 Goosanders;sadly looking rather evil as it reflects the Stygian gloom above! BUT , we had our first REDPOLL this morning-that was good ;plus 3 Bullfinches and the Treecreeper _DSC5822_filtered_DSC5983_filtered_DSC5991_filtered-things looking up?Apologies for Redpoll pic-if it stays a bit longer tomorrow , we might do better.

Posted by: kevjoynes | December 14, 2014


Oh land of contrasts: in Britain it is impossible to get bored with the weather! Each day tends to be a shock! We had the usual visitors today, but a pair of Bullies seem to be popping up now-hope they continue._DSC5473_filtered_filtered_DSC5608_filtered

Posted by: sorcha03 | December 13, 2014

Mammal Record request

Hi Folks, I hope you don’t mind me asking but I am just pulling together the Counties mammal Records before sending to BIS and I know I have had some from many who post on the blog. Last minute beg for any records you may have sitting in your note books at home. Please send in date and ideally NGR. I look forward in anticipation. Merry Christmas everyone.

Posted by: kevjoynes | December 13, 2014

L’dod Lake

Two thirds frozen today , so still room for 7 Goosanders; Wren churring away in the reeds , but no posing!  Moorhen doing a spot of ice skating.One of the funniest things to witness ,when someone throws food and the ducks fly in from t’other side ,is the way they land on the ice and slide for yards-amazing how quickly they adapt to this novel form of progress._DSC5762_filtered_DSC5700_filtered

Posted by: kevjoynes | December 12, 2014


Same  visitors as per; 2 Woodies had a skirmish and the male Bullfinch popped in briefly; currently 6/7 Blackbirds, mostly on the apples , but ready to swallow anything! Town lake has a squadron of Goosanders, but little else of interest.No sign of Reed Buntings yet???DSC_7018_filteredDSC_7391_filtered

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