Posted by: kevjoynes | October 23, 2014


Late Oct. seems odd to see one of these , but some do overwinter;this one @ Cefnllys a few days ago , picking minute insects from what remains of the buddleia. Round lake before the drizzle moved in and just 4 Goosanders.DSC_5776_filtered

Posted by: bazzpugh | October 23, 2014

Wren in the garden.

Had a visit from a trio of wrens yesterday, chasing around the patch… the way they were displaying(early I know funny weather etc) looked like a couple of males with a female in tow….Although chasing winter thrush around can be fun…its nice to poke your head through the back door and get a few pics.wren2 (1)With this unusual pose and posture one would have to look twice to define!!wren2 (2)That’s more like it.wren 3



Posted by: kevjoynes | October 22, 2014

Ring Ouzel

In the lull  following the storm, we nipped up the Elan again and spent fruitless hours looking in the usual places for Ouzels to no avaiI, until one popped up near Pen y garreg on Sorcha’s farm pasture with a small mixed flock of Redwings & Fieldfares-my first winter thrushes.A bus full of children scared them all off before I could get a pic.It was an immature bird. Also first Goldeneye on Dol y mynach-an immature male I think, out in the middle.Great patch of Fly Agaric just past the wee bridge beside  Craig goch._DSC0852_filtered_DSC0863_filtered

Posted by: bazzpugh | October 22, 2014

Redwings Rhogo.


A small flock with a few mistles and a couple of blackbirds feeding on Hawthorn and yew berries on the side of the road  Rhogo.   Just the one Dabchick on Rhogo pool, a pair of Stonechat on the dry stone wall….The lake …The lone young Grebe appeared yesterday, I assumed he had taken  flight.. a few Goosanders and a doz Canada’s.. only sighted one lone Tuftie.


Posted by: jbnr | October 20, 2014

Pheasants on the wall

Backing onto Evancoyd Court many pheasants around—today 11 all lined up, enjoying eating cotoneaster berries—including this haughty looking male silhoutted agains the grey skies


Posted by: bazzpugh | October 20, 2014

Winter Thrush Hundred House.

In the pouring rain and low light (mediocre) to say the least…. my first pics this year of Redwing …..A small flock of 12 ish feeding on yew berries near Hundred house.  Did not come across any fieldfares this outing….hope the weather improves for a second attempt mid-week!!!!.redwing 1

redwing 2

Posted by: bazzpugh | October 19, 2014

Shoveler’s Cerrigwibber Pool Llandod.

shovelor CerrigwibberA very long shot but just about recognizable 2 Drakes ( 1 Juv) and a female….also a family of 4 Dabs a pair of tufties, 7 Moor hen, a few mallard and a pair of swan…..10 Red headed goosanders Friday the young Grebe seems to like their company, although saying that today sighted 5 Goosanders and no Grebe….Its about time he was off…..  on Friday two Kestrels disputing territory near the 9 th green Golf links.

Posted by: jbnr | October 17, 2014


All these Redwing sightings—harbingers of imminent winter.

So nice to see near Talgarth (Brecknock ) 4 swallows yesterday evening on way to A`venny….reminders of a fabulous Summer just ended

Oh and scattered small flock fieldfares at road top Pengennfforrd too :)

Posted by: Leafie | October 16, 2014

Greater Black-backed Gull @ Llandod

1 seen flying South along the river Ithon.

Posted by: kevjoynes | October 16, 2014


Yesterday we had an abortive search for winter thrushes up the Elan: one of its dead days! However , all was not in vain as we came across this lovely Buzzard by Craig Goch. Great to see the new bridge @ Pont ar Elan._DSC0717_filtered_DSC0780_filtered

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