Posted by: kevjoynes | October 31, 2014

Cefnllys etc.

Reports today from BG of 6 Ring Ouzels up the Elan plus a Black Redstart ! Bet they disappear with the sun tomorrow!

Very little in garden with the  lovely weather, but the immature GC grebe IS still on the lake; either he is commuting , or hiding when I look! Could only see one G

Coal Tit

Coal Tit

Marsh Tit

Marsh Tit


Posted by: bazzpugh | October 30, 2014

Fieldfare Rhogo.

004A flock of C 40 flitting about the large conifers and birch trees up the Rhogo…..Glad to see them….. I thought they were never coming due to the mild climatic conditions…..Very Skittish a vehicle drives past on road and they are off. 

Posted by: Leafie | October 30, 2014

Chiffchaff @ Llandod

1 on the Ddole Road industrial estate this morning.

Posted by: kevjoynes | October 29, 2014


Very little around today-popped up Elan with the children and someone has recorded another Ouzel up the Claerwen.DSC_5681_filteredDSC_5468_filtered

Posted by: kevjoynes | October 27, 2014

L’dod Lake.

The dismal weather continues: it will be too dark to take pics soon! We have yet another hybrid with the Canadas: I’m guessing at CanadaxGreylagxWhite front…some combo! but that white blaze comes from somewhere and I can’t see it emanating from a Barnacle , otherwise it would have some grey surely? Not that genetics is my strongpoint! P’raps someone out there… Finally our fav Mandarin pops up again after several days who knows where!  No grebe and garden empty._DSC1380_filtered_DSC1395_filtered

Posted by: bazzpugh | October 26, 2014

Stonechats Rhogo.

A Pair hanging around the stone wall area this P.M…..No sign of the winter thrush probably moved on…a few Kites, same with buzzard….solitary Male Tufted on Rhogo Pool.097Female a little more adventurous than male.102


Posted by: bazzpugh | October 26, 2014


015It’s not long before they find the berries and join in….The yew and hawthorn are taking a pounding… although there were plenty of rowan berries ( looked like a bumper crop) due to the warm spells they dropped early….I have seen very few Field fares about,006 previous years there were big flocks and few Redwing this year vice versa… Still plenty of time for them to appear.

Posted by: Tony Ware | October 25, 2014

Elan Valley

Early Saturday morning, 150 Redwing just this side of the Ceredigion border along with a single Kestral. On the berries at Cwmystwyth a single Ring Ouzel

Posted by: kevjoynes | October 25, 2014

Lake & Cefnllys

The dismal weather continues! On the lake 4 Goosanders and the Grebe plus 4 Long -tailed tits atop the poplars.Cefnllys :2 Great Spotted Woodies ,  2 Nuthatches ,_DSC0550_filtered3 Jays and assorted tits. Finches restricted to Chaffies today._DSC0558_filtered

Posted by: kevjoynes | October 23, 2014


Late Oct. seems odd to see one of these , but some do overwinter;this one @ Cefnllys a few days ago , picking minute insects from what remains of the buddleia. Round lake before the drizzle moved in and just 4 Goosanders.DSC_5776_filtered

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