Posted by: kevjoynes | September 2, 2014

Heather’s pic.


Posted by: bazzpugh | August 31, 2014

Little Grebe and more.

little grebes 2Very surprised to see this on Rhogo pool.. a male dab feeding a Juvenile …..They must have kept the young well hidden…First time yesterday seen…I don’t think the young can fly.

little grebes

redstart (1)A few Juv Redstarts flitting about feeding on the roadside.mippitMippit ( Meadow Pippit) takeing a bath

Posted by: bazzpugh | August 27, 2014

Toad in the hole, insect..Nuthatch.

toadMoving a ladder at the back of house ….this fella was underneath… getting quite a rarity are our not so common Toads.insectThis creature was on my Bonsai tree ( Japanese Acer Palmatum) if that helps….Open to suggestions on this one…can’t find it in my insect book.nuthatch 2 lakeNuthatch feeding on the stump around the lake quite contentedly until these young coots found it.juv cootsI would really like to believe that these are our six missing young tufties.tufties

Posted by: kevjoynes | August 26, 2014


Little to report in this vile weather, but juvenile Wren, Greenfinches and Chaffies plus the usual tits and Nuthatches.DSC_2539_filtered


Posted by: kevjoynes | August 26, 2014

Coots from Heather


Posted by: jbnr | August 25, 2014

Off home patch–Galway , Ireland

Just back from a great, and mostly sunny week in Galway and Co Clare—sun shone and Guinness flowed:)


Fantastic scenery. wildflowesr and birds around Galway and especially The Burren. The limestone pavement was absolutely fantastic, a one off in the world amazing and a `must do` place.

Birds included wheatears, making great use of the amazing drystone walls habitats, `comic` terns, turnstones, big flocks linnets, turnstones and the amazing sight of nearly 200 mute swans feeding on seagrass @ Camus Bay a shallow sea loch

wheatear Burren


Burren limestone–grykes full with various ferns, flowers

burren limestone pavement



Posted by: kevjoynes | August 24, 2014

L’dod Lake-lull before the storm!!!

I imagine the birds won’t enjoy the firework display , but hopefully they’ll survive. The GC grebes are growing rapidly , but still partially dependent-here they exchange a small Perch. Not much else there.DSC_2704_filteredDSC_2799_filteredDSC_2806_filtered

Posted by: bazzpugh | August 23, 2014

Terrapin Llandod Lake.

TerrapinFirst time I’ve seen him this year ….The Old Red Eared Slider…. Sunning itself on its favoured  bit of wood on the Island opposite the beach new fishing platforms…..I expect tomorrow’s fire works will put him down for a bit.stonechatWhen I say “FEED ME”……I Mean IT.

Posted by: bazzpugh | August 22, 2014

Llyngwyn Today.

A few of the Llyngwyn Dragons…..Also the promiscuous  male Farm X has now paired up with a mallard ….she’s quite taken with him and his flamboyance.brown hawker egglayingBrown Hawker egg tailed skimmers mateingBlack tailed skimmers mating…  common darter giving size comparisoncommon darterCommon Darter.

farm x with mallard

Posted by: bazzpugh | August 21, 2014

Around the patch.

wheatear on rockAbout ready for the big push I would think….Although saying that  still a few juves about this m0rning.whinchat juvLooks like a Juv whinchat hard to distinguish between above and stone at this finchLoads of these feeding on the thistle seed on the side of the road…but trying to get close enough is a problem.leverettSunning itself in the early morning sun…..its mate scarpered as soon as I arrived on the scene.

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